Product Highlights
Amara Khit Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N16
Amara Khit proudly presents the art of timeless living to bring the beauty of Myanmar to the world. We offer home wares and furniture with a touch of traditional handwoven textiles to bring the feel of greater vibrancy and liveliness to your home and place.
Arctic Sun Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J21
PRESIDENT Whipping Cream,Cheese and Butter.

Products from FRENCH.
Aroma Gourmet Concepts
Stand No. K11
Aroma is an authorised distributor of Lavazza coffee, Fabbri syrups, Wega espresso machines, Gryphon tea, Necta automatic machines, Bravilor Bonamat and many other foodservice equipment for HoReCa customers. Wega is the main sponsor of Myanmar National Barista Championship 2016 too.
Bee House Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. E2
Bee House is a well established manufacturer and supplier for hotels and resorts worldwide.
For more information:

Our products:
  • Interior & Soft furnishing
  • All kinds of linens: Bed linen, Bath linen and Table linen
  • Room amenities & Accessories
  • Gifts for hotels & galleries
  • Green products
Berjaya Steel Product Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Stand No. N14
Stainless Steel 4 Door Upright Chiller
  • High - density cycle-isopentane polyurethance insulated body saves energy
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Blower system (assisted with fan)
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (CFC and HCFC Free) R134a.
  • Self contained system, no plumbing required.
  • Europe brand compressor
  • Italy brand Digital Controller
Bilin Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E10
The SPIR lounge chair is design by the idea of the natural spiral force translation "Vortex" to the dynamic design product. The full potential of the glass fibre reinforce plastic, the material is strong under flexion whilst permitting great design freedom.
Blue Square Group Ltd
Stand No. E7
Chek Hup Sdn Bhd
Stand No. M9
Chek Hup 3 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee - Original
Cleanatic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E13
Cleanatic is a leading company in Thailand where providing full range of cleaning products which are including solution, equipment such as wringer, window squeegee, cleaning trolley and bins, as well as, cleaning machines which are vacuum cleaner, carpet extractors and all type of floor machines. We are best on service and training.
Dimes Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. D1
We, as Dimes Fruit Juices aim to provide society with the healthiest products of the highest quality in the most efficient manner, with the principle of respecting nature and humanity, always aiming to be the leader in the agriculture and livestock-based food and service sector.
Diversitech (S) Pte Ltd
Stand No. #
  • Fish Display with Ice machine and Cooling
  • Fish Display with Cooling Only
  • Modules can be combined side by side
  • Adjustable Counter Angle
  • 8 KG ice production per hour
  • 3 Hours to fill the counter
  • Low energy consumption (1.3KW/h)
DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
Stand No. L1
Oldenburger flavoured milk offers German premium quality nutrition with delicious flavours. It is made from pure cow's milk and is available as strawberry, banana and cacao. However low in fat, Oldenburger flavoured milk is naturally rich in calcium and protein. The 200ml-pack is convenient for on-the-go and ambient storage.
Dong Gu Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H26
Espresso Coffee Vending Mahcine
EAT.Myanmar Ethnic Restaurateurs Association (EMERA)
Stand No. K25
EAT.Myanmar Ethnic Restaurateurs Association (EMERA) is a newly formed association to promote Myanmar ethnic restaurants to the increasing number of overseas visitors and tourists as well as the expats community, businessmen and local Myanmars to be aware and enjoy the traditional exquisite local cuisines.
Ebiche Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H17
"Healthy Edibles, Toward Nature"

Founded in 2000, has strived to continuously develop the technology and the advanced marketing strategies in the field of organic beverages, Ginseng, Red ginseng products, and Health foods on the basis of the ideology.

* Obtained ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, R & D Center certification (NO. 20077115).. and so on
Efay Ltd.
Stand No. F16
We are Professional in Melamine Buffet Display Ware mainly distributes to hotel, caterer and restaurant.

Exports to over 50 countries, Efay are well known in the industry.
Ehrmann AG Oberschonegg im Allgau
Stand No. L2
Smooth and refreshing yogurt drink with real fruits, only 0.9% fat with an unbelievable creamy texture. Available in the tasty flavours strawberry, wild berries and mango. Filled in a convenient 330g plastic bottle with re-closable cap it's your ideal snack to go. No preservatives, no gelatine and without gluten.
Elita Gida San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No. D1
Sunar Group operates in 6 different sectors of agriculture based industry. Group companies produce and sale as follows, Sunar Mısır, starch and starch-based products; Elita Gıda, edible oils and industrial margarines; Sunar Özlem floor and animal feed; NCS fresh fruits. Sunar Group does foreign trade activities under the Sunar Pazarlama.
Erisler Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. D1
ERIS FLOUR MILLS is one of the main wheat flour producers of Turkey with the production capacity of 2.300MTS/day. As well as supplying in the local market, we export more than 40 countries. Some of our wheat flour types are Bakery, Noodle, Biscuit, Chapatti, Industrial and Animal feed production.
Fancy World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E1
We are the leading specialist in electrolyte beverage and supplementary food with over 31 year experience in business.
Food Excellence Specialist Sdn Bhd
Stand No. N9
Food Excellence Specialist Sdn Bhd is a leading non-dairy creamer producer in Malaysia. We are committed to offer you a relevant array of creamer profiles, cappuccino foamers and the possibility to customize products to your specific needs at competitive prices.
Garimi Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H14
Seaweed for Gimbap (Seaweed for Sushi)
10 Sheets Approximately 23 g.

Produced in a local 2nd factory of Garimi Corporation between Jan. ~ Mar.
  • The size of particle is about 2.5 mm.
  • It is dense without small holes.
  • It has good scents and tastes.
  • It is very competitive in terms of quality and price.
Gesas Genel Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. D1
Our products are : Cream Chocolate With Hazelnut, Fruit Jams, Marmelades, Sugar Free Jams, Tahina, Tahina Halva, Grape Molasses, Salad Dressings, Sesame Seeds, Bread Sticks, Cookies.
Geumsan Dukwon Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H19
Geumsan Dukwon Red Ginseng Extract is made with Korean Red Ginseng 100%(roots of Korean Red Ginseng 70%, tails of Korean Red Ginseng 30%) without any additament. This product has taste and smell of Red Ginseng itself because it is extracted in the condition of low temperature.
Giantwell Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F14
Suitable prepare food process, noodles, meat, fry rice, vegetarian material processor.

There are some king of rotate bars could be used for different food mixiture

Example: T bar or screw bar… All of frame is made of stainless steel. Look nice and easy for washing.
Guan Yu Machinery Factory Co., Ltd
Stand No. F11
GUAN YU vibratory separator can classify materials of different sizes automatically, precisely, and continuously, no matter LIQUID, POWDER, or VISCOSITY. We provide not only the standard model, but also customized design. We've been in this field over 30 years, GUAN YU is your wise and best choice!
Guangdong Be-Tech Security Systems Limited
Stand No. E25
Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID is especially designed for hotel outdoor use.With GUARDIAN 304SS finish and the sealed RFID module putted on inside escutcheon, you can equip your hotel with a reliable locking system that against harsh environment.
Haetter Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G13
Korean red ginseng wine is the world's first red ginseng-fermented healthy wine and made of the consentrate of 4 years Korean red ginseng.The contents of ginsenosides in wine is good effect and benefits to human health.
Hanil Food Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H20
Bong Go Jang Fresh Udon Noodle 200g, which can be stored in the room temperature or cool place. No preservatives, No artificial Color.
Hanmif 3 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H21
Foodrella offers a wide range of practical, high-quality frozen dessert and beverage ingredients designed to meet the needs of all professionals and it is perfect solution to differentiate and enrich your menu.
Harada Tea Sales Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M13
  • Yabukita Blend Japanese Green tea tea bags 50p
  • 100% Japanese green tea
  • HARADA TEA is the Japan's No. 1 Company of Green tea Tea bags!
  • Enjoy authentic Japanese green tea taste with this convenient package.
Helvacizade Gida Ilac Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. D1
Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, Cotton Oil, Peanut Oil, Hazelnut Oil.
Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil, Flavoured Olive Oils.
Organic Oils and Catering Oil.
Natural Supplements
Hillkoff Co., Ltd
Stand No. E15
Lung Poe" Exotic Thai Old Style Coffee

Thai Old Style coffee was influenced by oversea Chinese but Thai people wisely added tamarind seeds to pull up aroma and taste. Result in rich aroma, full body, strong and smooth. That is why old style coffee cannot be separated from Thai lifestyle.
HIS MSC Company Limited
Stand No. E6
HISMSC provides total hotel management software solutions, improving critical operations and profitability for global hotel organizations. HISMSC deliver the operational framework for single or multi-property management, providing timely operational information and the tools to centralize data, manage the many new buy side channels and analyze the entire operation.
Huasin Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Stand No. N8
Lex Cream Sandwich (Cheese)
Jiangsu Canasin Weaving Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. E21
100% combed cotton, white sateen fabrci, with special designed embroidery line, fully express the luxury feeling of top level hotel.
Kadooglu Yag San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. D1
Kadooglu Edible Oil Co is one of the leading companies in Turkey. We are producing Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil and Vegetable Ghee.
Koedooder Trolleys Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F9
Koedooder trolleys we design and manufacture high quality trolleys for hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Our unique design may vary from modern to classical upon customers request and all is made in our factory in Chiangmai, Thailand. WE LET THINGS ROLL!!
Korea Ginseng Bio-Science Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G12
Famous Korean Red Ginseng extract is kept in soft capsule with other assisted ingredients. It would help to enhance general health for everyone and capsule type is easy to consume.
Korea Mushroom Council
Stand No. G14
Korean mushrooms are the best in the world. Mushrooms are commonly used as a direct source of food with their unique taste and flavor. Fresh mushrooms contain 80~90% of water and nutrients essential to the human body, such as vegetable protein, amino acid, fat, iron, vitamin, dietary fibers, and minerals.
Manto Foodtec Group Inc
Stand No. F19
UKI is a more than 20 years company, we are professional in :

Bakery Equipments, Dough Processing Equipments and Packaging Machinery.

We offer you with No.1 quality import equipments and our continues after-service. We sincerely welcome your any inquiry for your any product processing needs.
Mei Heong Yuen Food Industries Pte Ltd
Stand No. #
A Singapore brand, it makes from real fruit juice.
MSM Equipment Manfacturer Sdn. Bhd
Stand No. A6
MO'DELUX energy-efficient refrigerators are 100% manufactured by MSM Equipment Manufacturer (Malaysia). Various designs are available, made with solid appearance and high performance quality. Other options include Salad Table, Glass Door, Pass Through and Drawer Chillers.s
Mushm Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G11
It contains ten times more vitamin C than the Enoki mushroom.
Natural Joint Stock Company/ Cong Ty Cp Thien Nhien
Stand No. M6
We are a professional hotel bathroom toiletries and amenities supplier based in HCMC, Vietnam.

We supply products under our own brand - Spa Pure. We also offer customized products for our clients both in terms of packaging as well as scents.
Nature Touch International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E14
Nature Touch products are developed from natural extracts & pure essential oils. With the improvement of our everyday life for health and body care.

A touch of natural, inspire the wellbeing living to all
Nokchawon Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H23
Nokchawon's Honey fruits tea - Honey fruits tea is Korean traditional liquid tea soaked in sugar and sweet honey with the real flesh of fruits. They are easily mixed in hot & cool water. Especially the Honey Citron Tea It relieves cold and fever
Nonghyup Moguchon
Stand No. H16
'Dduksim' is a representative product of our company. It means in Korean that we stick to own principles which are clean, fresh, and no-additives, when are producing without compromise. It is safe, clean, and delicious product using by Korean pork. Furthermore, it matches well with rice and side dishes
Ozel Cikolata Ve Sekerleme Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No. D1
Our products are different types of candies, chocolates and confectionery.
Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited
Stand No. A13
We manufacture and distribute Cleaning Chemical, Equipment & Machines, Heat Pump "The Energy Saving Hot Water Generator", and sell Dishwasher with the after sale services for Hotel, Hospital, F&B industry and other institutes in Thailand, CLMV & Sri Lanka.
Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F11
The patented heating system design enable the water to reach boiling phase in 3 minutes thus it can save 75% for gas consumption.

Equipped with functions of water auto-feeding, time & temperature pre-setting.

Two steam model: keep heating/ Temperature Control.
Royal Natural Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. E17
Roy's is a brand from Thailand fused with German culture that produces a wide range of high quality products. All products are processed with high technology machines and quality control techniques. We are specialized in what we do, especially our German Sausages, Smoked Bacon, Ham and our Marinated Pork.
Safe-T-Cut Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E18
Safe-T-Cut are leader of Residual current operated circuit with integral overcurrent protection (RCBO) manufacturing and distributor by name Safe-T-Cut Brand (

We have international standard quality products to provide security to human life against electrical accidents, e.g. Residual Current Device, Consumer Unit, 3-Phase Load Center, Circuit breaker, Emergency lighting, RCD Plug, GFCI Receptacle, etc..
Sammi Commerce Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G15
We are experts in Food & Grocery exports, and have been exporting agricultural.
Our main items are as follows.
  • Rice Cake(TOKBOKKI)
  • Tea (Citron, Ginger and others.. )
  • Korea Ginseng Chicken Stew
  • Red Pepper Powder
  • Various Noodles
and else (Major Food Companies Products)
Scent Hotel Amenities
Stand No. F10
To help you provide quality service to your valued guests., we source our products from international companies known for their quality such us Floral Manufacturing Group. After all you want to provide comfort and care to your guest and we are happy to help.
Scent Pur Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
Stand No. N17
Aura series Dispenser is latest products from Scent Pur Malaysia. All products Made In Malaysia and has obtained The Industrial Design Certification. All our Air Freshener products use fragrances import from UK.
Seara Singapore Pte Ltd.
Stand No. A9
Seara frozen chicken products are exported from Brazil, one of the world's major exporters of frozen chicken products. It is Halal-certified and conform to the strictest hygiene standards.

For more information, visit or contact Alan Chia at +(65)83181046.
Sekerli Mamuller Tanitim Grubu (Turkish Confectionery Promotion Group)
Stand No. D1
The richness of desserts in Turkish cuisine, Turkey's production capacity for confectionery products and business world's propensity and aptitude for this field increase the effect of this power. Main categories are; wafer, biscuit, hard candy, soft candy, cake, baklava, helva, dragee, gum, ice cream, marshmallow, lollipop, croissant and chocolate.
Selten Uluslararasi Fuar Ve Aks. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No.
Turkey will be represented with chocolate, confectionery, juice, oil, pasta, snacks, flour, products.
Seow Khim Polythelene Co Pte Ltd
Stand No. F11
Available in 2 /3/4/5 compartment tray with lids:
  • Translucent appearance allows easy identification of contents.
  • Effective stacking Frees up space
  • Doubles up as a freezer-storage box.
  • Snap tight closure achievable by hand.
  • Keep food fresh! Odour free property.
  • Even foods with high liquid content won't leak easily.
Shwe San Hmi Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F10
Your guest comfort is our business.
Siri Fine Foods Healthy Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E5
Aroonsawat Ready Rice for everyone. Aroonsawat Ready Rice from Natural. Canned, sealed and clean.

Sirifinefood Co., Ltd., in partnership with Royal Can industries Co., Ltd 's leading packagings manufacture and sells high quality packaging products.
Sithar Coffee Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J22
Radiofonica is top of the industry's entry-level espresso machine from Orchestrale. It is with thermosiphonic supplysystem, 2 groups automatic with raised E61 groups, programmable, dual gauges for boiler and pump pressure, copper boiler and pipes with fittings of brass, frame of satined stainless steel AISI304 and different colour options.
Stand No. M11
We would like to present you our 2 own private labels which are 'Everyday Selection' and 'Boni Selection'.

Everyday is our lowest price brand. Quality products at an absolute bottom price. Boni is our distributors brand. Top quality products and much cheaper then the international brands.
Somerville (Siam) Ltd.
Stand No. F1
Cleveland Model: OES-10.10 Combination Convection Oven / Steamer with simple to operate electronic programmable controls for Hot Air, Convection Steam, and Combination cooking modes, "Cook & Hold" and "Delta T" slow-cooking capabilities, "Advanced Closed System" with "Crisp & Tasty" de-moisturizing feature.
Swedlinghaus S.r.l.
Stand No. E26
Swedlinghaus is well-reputed for producing some of the world's finest food slicers and saws today. All Swedlinghaus commercial food service equipment are manufactured in Italy using quality manufacturing processes and material, guaranteed with European standards for reliability and solid construction.
Synature Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E11
PDA/iPad/Android Ordering System
To improve service efficiency, pRoMiSe supports all types of mobile ordering system such as PDA on Windows CE, iPad, and Andriod device.

pRoMiSe Multi-touch Kiosk Ordering System
pRoMiSe system offers the most advance technology of ordering system. With our multi touch Kiosk system, customers can even place their own orders.
System Form Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A11
Thailand's best and most valuable commercial refrigerator.
Tayas Gida San. Tic. A. S.
Stand No. D1
Tayas Chocolate and Confectionery Co. is one of the leading manufacturer of confectionery products in Turkey with daily capacity of 140 tonnes and exports to more than 135 countries..

Candies (Toffees, Soft Candies, Hard Candies, Caramel Candies), Chocolates (Milk Chocolates, Milky Compound Chocolates), Chocolate Coated Biscuits
Stand No. H18
Teazen's matcha latte is premium quality tea latte similar to that of major coffee franchises. With lessened astringent taste obtained from superb quality of selected matcha, it offers savory taste with rich foam like cappuccino.
Thai Towel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E16
Premium quality 100% cotton terry towels. Come in both single and double loop yarn (for durability and extra absorbency). Towels can by customised by weaving in hotel's logo or name using jacquard technique, or specific labels can be sewn into the side-hem of the towels.
Thien Cheong Sdn Bhd
Stand No. N7
Thien Cheong Sdn Bhd is a light manufacturer producing different flavour for beans, nuts and murukus with consumers from Brunei, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Middle East and USA. The company has been in the industry for over 50 years and has attained the HALAL certification by JAKIM.
Ulas Gida Un Tekstil Nakliye Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S.
Stand No. D1
Founded in year 1920, Kavukcu Flour Mills is the leading wheat flour producer and exporter of Turkey. Our success in the international markets is the result of studying and understanding the local needs. By doing so we are offering the highest quality products with the most competitive prices.
US Meat Export Federation
Stand No. A15
The U.S. has developed one of the world's most efficient system for meat production, processing and distribution. U.S. Beef and Pork have unique taste and tenderness and are high in nutritional value due to the attentive rearing techniques and grain feeding system.
Zhongshan Belnor Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E22
Commercial upright refrigeration provides a simple and practical solution to cold food storage, keep your foods at safe holding temperatures before it's cooked.

Anti-corrosion stainless steel used in exterior and interior, easy to be cleaned, durable and luxury.

Electronic microcomputer temperature controller makes the goods keep in most suitable temperature.
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