Product Highlights
Action Company Limited
Stand No. P20
"Your Baking Needs are Fully Satisfied."
We are the trusted importer and distributor of quality baking ingredients, bakeware, baking tools & accessories, cake decorations and packaging. We aim at bringing joy out of baking by means of providing top-notch customer service & a wide range of quality baking products.
Akun Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi
Stand No. P4
Akun has a very advanced know-how for different countries and for different end products.We offer proper solutions for bread making of every kind, biscuits, chapatti, desserts, pita & etc. Hard, semi-hard and soft flour is available with reasonable prices and an excellent after sales service.
Amoy Canning Corp., (S) Ltd
Stand No. M12
Amocan Instant Paste offers a range of premium quality ready-to-cook Asian pastes. It is simple and easy to follow the 4 steps cooking recipes on each packs and you can have an authentic and delicious dishes anytime and anywhere.
If Amocan, so can you!
Arctic Sun Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L31
Frozen and Chill products distribution.
Ardes Zeytincilik Gida Ve Tarim Urunleri Paz. A. S.
Stand No. P5
Our company delivers exceptional olives from its motherland Anatolia to the World.
Gemlik, Memecik, Domat, Yamalak, Uslu, Ayvalιk, Kaba and Kalamata varieties of green and black olives are produced in form of whole, pitted, sliced, stuffed, scratched, and cracked. Packed in different sizes of cans, glass jars, vacuum packs and PET.
Bee House Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C1
Bee House is a well-established manufacturer and supplier for hotels and resorts worldwide.

Our products:
  • Interior & Soft furnishing
  • All kinds of linens; Bed linen, Bath linen and Table linen
  • Room amenities & accessories
  • Gifts for hotels & galleries
Chanmag Bakery Machine Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N25
Chanmag Bakery Machine Co., Ltd are in bakery field business for 37 years with customer base worldwide spread in 5 continents. Our Myanmar branch office set up since 2015 that provide the technical & maintenance advice etc in prompt responses.

We could assist to start your own bakery shop.
Stand No. P18
Boni is Colruyt Group's private label.

It offers a clever range of products with a good price-quality ratio and enables customers to make good choices easily and efficiently.

The products' modern packaging makes it easy to find them on the shelves.
Culinary Institute of Myanmar (CIM)
Stand No. K21
Baking Science & Technology Course is designed primarily for students planning to challenge the traditional way of learning through trial and error and upgrade their understanding on the science and technology that are involved in baking.
Customer' Right Choice (Myanmar) Co.,ltd
Stand No. L22
Food Preparation Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Ice machine, Oven, Ranges, etc...
Daeyeong E&B
Stand No. K23
2-door side mount undercounter (refrigerator)
Daiho Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M28
Nayana Sauces : It has Medicinal Caramel and Fermented Chili Powder and it can be used as the main spice of all dishes.

Healthy Noodles : For those that cannot digest flour, pregnant woman and her child in the womb. We used The Peels of Elm tree's Root and Korean dandelions.
Dimes Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. N1
We, as Dimes Fruit Juices aim to provide society with the healthiest products of the highest quality in the most efficient manner, with the principle of respecting nature and humanity, always aiming to be the leader in the agriculture and livestock-based food and service sector.
Stand No. M30
Through Changnyeong Doriwon's medicinal herb jangajji (fermented vegetables) made
with wild medicinal herbs, "Safe and easy" jangajji flavored soy sauce can be used by just pouring the sauce on food.
Ebiche Co Ltd
Stand No. M20
Obtained a patent (No.10-0737271) and is formulated as a functional beverage using fresh ginseng and red ginseng extracts. Contains 1 root of fresh ginseng in red ginseng extracts.

Awarded a gold award in "Traditional Korean Food Best 5" Contest
Ehrmann GmbH
Stand No. K17
The New Ehrmann Yogurt Drink with Tropical Flavour:
So fruity and refreshing! Heavenly delicious.

Mix of tasty tropical fruits Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Mango, Coconut

Right product ON THE GO!
Element Coffee & Machines Supplies
Stand No. E15
Element Specialty Coffee Beans, FAEMA, La Marzocco, La Cimbali, Casadio, Conti, Victoria Arduino, BUNN, Mazzer, Mahlkonig, Vitamix, Element Coffee Academy & Training Center, SCA Certification Classes. One stop coffee solutions for HORECA, QSR, Franchise and Café Chains. Specialty Award-winning coffee beans roasted with the most environmentally clean roasters.
Gandamar O.A & Business Solutions
Stand No. F17
CASIO ECR & POS (Including original Casio software & Hardware)

  • Business terminal built on Android Platform
  • 10.4-inch LCD-touchscreen
  • All-in-one POS terminal, Stylish design
  • Excellent system stability, including rapid fault recovery, and support for worry-free, user-friendly operation
  • Including Restaurant/Retail Management software
  • Recording total of sales data
Godbawee Food Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C8
Seasoned Seaweed Snack, Seaweed Chips, Sushi Nori, Jaban
Golden Brown Coffee Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F1
Our company selling coffee machines, gelato machine and their ingredients
Guangzhou Shinelong Kitchen Equipment CO.,Ltd.
Stand No. F9
Guangzhou Shinelong Kitchen Co.,Ltd offer one stop solution, from A to Z, with many years of experence in the food services industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of quality products and are fast becoming one of the most recognisable brands in the industry.
H.S.S Confectionery Foodstuff Sdn Bhd
Stand No. K13
SINAR representing an innershine to ensure that stringent standards are met for our customer's health & requirements from governing laws.
Hand and Heart Co., Ltd
Stand No. D6
Stainless steel knives (European quality & craftmanship standard) such as chef, carving, boning, peeling and paring knives, etc. Various creative desigsn of cutting boards & other wooden kitchenware/housewares, wooden desktop stationeries and small furnitures.
Hans Korea Co Ltd
Stand No. M33
  • It's main material is rice so It has pure taste and nutrition.
  • It is low calory well-being food didn't fried. Gooey and light noodle stripes is really excellent.
  • Pour the boiling water and please wait 3~4 minutes.
Hanwool Food
Stand No. M34
roasted seasoned seaweed
Hotel & Home Innovation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D15
Manual baking modes
  • Convention baking 30-260°c
  • Mixed steam and convection baking 35-260°c with STEAM.MAXI 30 to 90%
  • Mixed humidity and convection baking 35-260°c with STEAM.MAXI 10 TO 20%
  • Steaming 35-130°c
  • Dry air baking 30-260°c
  • Delta T baking with core probe
IKON Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N39
IKON group formed to meet needs of most selective and demanding customers in hospitality industry. Over 20 years we have refined our product and service mix to provide for growing and increasingly sophisticated market. We provide Award winning wines, finest European kitchen equipment, most effective cleaning solutions, to HoReCa businesses.
Kadooglu Yag San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. N5
Kadooglu Edible Oil Co is one of the leading companies in Turkey. We are producing Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil and Vegetable Ghee.
Kale Madencilik San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. N12
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading wheat flour producer company in Turkey since 1984. We can offer high quality wheat flour of different specs, which produced in our modern flour roller mills. Our products are Wheat Flour for All Purpose (Bread, Noodle, Biscuit, Wafer Aqua Feed)
Kee Wee Hup Kee Pte Ltd
Stand No. M2
Healthy and Nutritional cracker suitable for all ages of lives!

Individual pack for convenience storage !
Kenton Gida Sanayi A.S.
Stand No. N4
KENTON FOOD CO. is the leading manufacturer of PREMIX FOOD products in Turkey since 1945. Our main products are Baking powder, Whipped Toppings, Corn and Wheat starches, Rice Flour, Corn Flour, Bread Crumbs, Cocoa Powder, Custard powder, Cream Caramel, Cake Mixes, Pastry Cream, Pan Cakes, Jelly mixes etc.
Korean Ginseng Research Co Ltd
Stand No. M25
Livermin is a product designed to improve liver functions. It assists the liver in detoxifying the body from toxins, alcohol, pollution, etc. LIVERMIN is made of Cardus Marianus Extractas main ingredients and mixed properly with Vitamins and Mineralsby scientific and hygienic process under strict quality control.
Manto Foodtec Group Inc.
Stand No. N21
UKI is professional in : Bakery Equipments, Dough Processing Equipments and Packaging Machinery.

We offer you with No.1 quality import equipments and our continues after-service. We sincerely welcome your any inquiry for your any packaging needs.
Myanmar Carlsberg Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C2
Tuborg was established in Copenhagen in 1880 and is currently Carlsberg Group's best performing brand across the Asia region. With 5% ABV; an easy drinking, easy to open and representing "Open for Fun" through the innovative "pull-off cap" and music associations Tuborg is the perfect way to enjoy great times.
Nagase (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Stand No. K19
TREHA™ (Trehalose) is a naturally occurring, non-reducing disaccharide which has many unique-functions. TREHA™ has many notable properties: mild sweetness, low hygroscopicity, non-participation in Maillard reaction, heat and acid resistance & high glass transition temperature. TREHA™ is produced from starch with a proprietary enzymatic process.
NH Trading Co Ltd
Stand No. M24

Stand No. M22
Premium Real Fruit Tea

It is a specialty brand of tea products used for products designed to enjoy the unique tastes of fruits.
Nong Ga Food
Stand No. M31
Kimchi is Korea Traditional Food. It is made with cabbage and pepper. A little spicy taste. But It is very delicious. Please Try.
NTS Myanmar
Stand No. M39
Okandeniz Un Ve Gida San. Tic. A.S.
Stand No. P2
Wheat Flour, BRC, IS022000, ISO 9001, Halal Certificate
OKF Corporation
Stand No. C10
World No.1 selling aloe drink consisting of natural ingredients provides the flavor of nature, each containing 30% organic aloe. People in over 155 countries enjoy Aloe Vera King for its healthy benefit and taste.
Olio Luglio Medsol Srl
Stand No. P13
DOP i.e Denomination of Protected Origin is the important recognition for the good qualities by which the European Community guarantees to the consumers, the place of origin and our Baresan Province typicalness, safeguarded by the "Terra di Bari-Terrautentica" syndacate.
Pam Yag Gida & Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No. N3
Our Brand is "BELKIS".Our Company's sunflower oil capacity is 250 tons per day and .Also Our system of Extraction has capable of sunflower seeds processing daily 350 tons. Whereby we product and sale crude of sunflower seed and raw sunflower oil. Also capacity of ghee production is 150 ton/day.
Pattarin Chotchaicharin
Stand No. D12
Quality, durable, and affordable lodging linen from Thailand.
Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited
Stand No. D16
Manufacture and distribute cleaning chemicals, equipment & machines, heat pump "The Energy Saving Hot water Generator" for hotel, resort and other institutes in Thailand and CLMV.
Polar Puffs & Cakes Pte Ltd
Stand No. M1
Polar Singapore was established since 1926, a well-known Singapore F&B concept. Our Halal & HACCP certified manufacturing plant produces 8 million pieces of pastries & cakes yearly. We operates 32 retail outlets and distributes products across various channels. Looking for interested partnerships to franchise and distribute our products beyond Singapore..
Stand No. K3
Potatoes USA is the marketing organization for the 2,500 commercial potato growers operating in the United States. We promote five main potato products: fresh table-stock potatoes, fresh chipping potatoes, seed potatoes, frozen potato products and dehydrated potato products.
Premium Distribution Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L1
Imported Meat from Australia
Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N22
The patented heating system design enable the water to reach boiling phase in 3 minutes thus it can save 75% for gas consumption.

Equipped with functions of water auto-feeding , time & temperature pre-setting to avoid any problem caused by human's negligence.

Two steam model: keep heating/ Temperature Control
Ruby MM Company Ltd / Australia's First Choice Pty Ltd
Stand No. P17
2 years shelf life, Rich in Vitamin A and D, high protein and calcium. Great for the whole family.

100% Australian Made from the fresh green clean farm lands.
Sajo Haepyo Corporation
Stand No.
HAEPYO Laver Lunch is dry seaweed hot selling item in Asian market. Good for consumer's health having a lot of calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.
Stand No. M37

70yeoilgan jeontong jayeongeonjolo hongsam-ui masgwa hyang-i ttwieonan hongsamseongbun-in jinsenosaideu (Rg1+Rb1+Rg3) hab-i 7mg/g ham-yudoen gogeubhongsam-eggiseu

Ginsenoside (Rg1 + Rb1 + Rg3), a red ginseng ingredient with excellent taste and flavor of red ginseng, is a natural red ginseng extract containing 7 mg / g of ginseng extract.
Sammi Commerce Co Ltd
Stand No. M
Shin Sun Mi Cleanly Delicious Topokki (Spicy), (Cup Type)
Spicy taste does not stay for a long time because of sticky rice cake and spicy powder sauce, resulting in refreshing and clean taste.
Sayinlar Gida Maddeleri San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. N13
Our factory produces 300 tons/day refined vegetable oils in the most hygienic conditions We have been production Refined Sunflower oil, Corn oil and all kind of Olive Oil which are packaged in from 250 ml Glass Bottle to 20 Lt Jerry Can.
Seaherb Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C5
Healthy, brown seaweed that everybody can enjoy.
Selten Uluslararasi Fuar ve Aks. Tic. Ltd.
Stand No. N6
Turkey will be represented with fruit juice, oil, pasta, snacks, flour & flour products, baking Ingredients, daily breakfast products, olives, cheese, jams, sauces.
Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Pte Ltd
Stand No. M8
Camel's Nutty Berries - A wholesome and healthy snack for everyone in the family. From crunchy cashews, amazing almonds to irresistible raisins, mulberries and cranberries, this pack of wholesome goodness brings snacking joy to a brand new level!
Siri Fine Foods Healthy Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D8
The ready to eat rice from the best selection of Thailand famous rice. Easy, delicious and healthy. Aroonsawat is your hearty meal.
Sithar Coffee Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F13
Sithar Coffee is a Coffee Focused Company in Coffee Supply Chain since 1996 from Plantation to Processing to Roasting to Supply of Coffee Equipment and Ingredients.

We are currently supplying our Coffee, Commercial Espresso Machines, Grinders, Fully-Auto Machines, Blenders, Utensil and Ingredients to 1000+ HORECA accounts across 45+ cities in Myanmar.
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Stand No. D9
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) is one of the leading ice cream supplier in Thailand who supplies high quality ice cream machine and premium soft serve premix from New Zealand and Australia. For more information, please contact:
Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D2
Springmate, the mattress of choice for luxury hotels and resorts, we helps guests sleep comfortably and undisturbed by each other's movements.

Our mattress provides a sumptuously soft support and an extra protection from dust mites, one of the main causes of allergies, with anti-dust mite cover fabric.
Soyyigit Gida San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. N11
Retail Powder Foods: Bouillons, Soups&Seasonings, Baking Ingredients, Desserts, Cake Mixes, Flours and starches, Coffees

Oils: Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oils

Patisserie: Sugar Pastes, Syrups, Topping Sauces, Cream and Fruit Fillings, Fruit Glazes

Horeca Products: Soups, Baking Ingredients, Flours & Starches, Premix Desserts, Taste Enhancers
Sterilgrada Alimenti S.p.A.
Stand No. P13

Fresh cheese made with high quality milk cream. Excellent to prepare delicious recipes and not only in confectionery!
Sumitomo Chemical Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. C9
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP) is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.
  1. Branded products from Sumitomo Chemical with high margin of safety
  2. To control flying and crawling pests
  3. Safety practice in multinational food manufacturing plants
Surapon Foods Public Company Limited
Stand No. K6
Shrimp Shumai
The Authentic Chinese dim sum with fresh shrimp.
Thai Edible Oil Co. , Ltd.
Stand No. K18
King Rice Bran Oil is extracted from non-GMO bran and germ of brown rice. It contains natural antioxidants including Gamma-Oryzanol, Vitamin E, and Phytosterols. It has high smoke point (240 C) so it is suitable for all kinds of cooking; salad-dressing, marinating, baking, grilling, stir-frying and deep-frying.
Thai Towel Co., Ltd
Stand No. D11
The Cool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D5
This product is very useful for convenience stores and supermarket customers in Myanmar. The quality is good and the price is reasonable.
Tin Ye Win Distribution Company Limited
Stand No. K10
Cowhead UHT milk are nutritious and healthy drinks that are high in calcium and vitamins that cater to both the growing children/adults. Ranging from Pure, Premium Chocolate, Strawberry, and for the healthy conscious; the Lite Slim variants. They are suitable for breakfast as a standalone, add on to beverage
Tulip International Inc.
Stand No. M23
T'best fruity drinks contain real fruit pulps such as Aloe Vera Gel or Nata do Coco. Fruit pieces can be felt while drinking. It tastes much better especially when chilled and shaken before taking. T'best products can be found with ease in more than 60 countries all over the world.
UbiQ Global Solutions Pte Ltd
Stand No. H1
QikStay© is a guest portal tailored to hotel's needs and aims to provide personalized guest experience. It allows guests to plan itineraries, view hotel bills, do a self check-out, view hotel events and promotions happening within and surrounding the hotel. An additional promotion channel for hotel to increase revenues!
Ulas Gida Un Tekstil Nakliye Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S.
Stand No. N15
Established in 1920 ,Kavukcu Group is one of the leading wheat flour and pasta producer and exporter of Turkey.

We have over 1000 customers and over 100 suppliers in more than 75 countries.

Today, we are producer of wheat flour for High quality breads(all type), Biscuit, chapatti,Industrial,All purpose and Aqua feed.
Ulusoy Un Sanayi Ve Ticaret A. S.
Stand No. N16
Ulusoy Flour Mills is wheat flour producer and exporter in Turkey. We have two factories in Turkey and total milling capacity is 1.000 mts per day. We can provide customers any kinds of wheat flour. We have wheat flour for bread making, biscuit making, noodle making, animal feed, industrial use.
Unat Yag Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. N14
UNAT OIL and FOOD's target is to be indispensable by offering a variety of products such as sunflower oil, olive oil and margarines within the production chain of "from farm to kitchens" principle. Our goods are also produced exclusively for industrial consumers. Any packages can be produced as customers' demand.
Unilever(Myanmar)Services Ltd
Stand No. L39
We help chefs all over the world serve tasty, wholesome meals that keep guests coming back. We create ingredients that save precious prep time in the kitchen, without compromising on flavour or flair. Our ingredients are some of the staples of professional kitchens in 74 countries: Knorr, Best Foods, Lipton.
Stand No. M32
  1. Germinated brown rice
  2. No oil, No sugar, No salt,
    No additives
  3. For simple meal and snack
  4. Topping for the variety of food
  5. For convenience with outoor activity
  6. Enjoy everytime, everywhere
Stand No. K1
Superior quality of U.S. Beef and U.S. Pork that are grain-fed to produce Tender, Juicy and Flavourful meat.
VJ Supplies Euronations Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D1
Piron is an Italian company that designs and manufactures ovens for the world of professional cooking. Piron is an ambassador of the Made in Italy worldwide and has chosen to work without compromise, ensuring its customers high quality components and a wide range of products to meet different cooking needs.
Vytra Industries Sdn Bhd
Stand No. K12
Vytra Industries, a leading plastic packaging thermoformer in Malaysia, celebrated its 30 years in business with a rich heritage of rapid growth, quality and financial stability. We specialize in providing disposable products and packaging for the Food Service, Cash & Carry and Retail sectors. Through our expertise in supply chain management, our exceptional quality product offering and outstanding customer service, we aim to provide the best possible solutions to our clients' needs.
Yonca Gida Sanayi
A. S.
Stand No. P3
Keeping health and taste together, Yonca Sunflower Oil is derived from top-quality seeds and packaged with high-technology machinery without human touch. Containing high-vitamin E rate, Yonca Sunflower Oil is an ideal choice for all types of food with its lightness and taste.
Yorukogullari Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.
Stand No. N2
We have 50 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg, and 5 kg polypropylene and 10 kg, 5, kg 2kg, and 1 kraft packaging that can be produced according to the customer's special requests. These packages consist of different types of wheat flour that have been sold in Turkish and international markets.
Stand No. M29
This product contains No artificial additives.
Children snack and Meal sudstitution food.
Safety food.
Zer Yag Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi
Stand No. P1
We Produce Sunflower Oil (Pets & Tins), Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Riviera & Pomace), Ketchup (sweet & Hot), Mayonnaise, Vegetable Ghee, Pickled Olives (black, green, stuffed, sliced, pitted) Tomato Paste, Baking Powder, Vanilla with Sugar, Whipped Cream, Custard Powder, Ready Soup, Sauces (Lemon, Pomegranate, Vinegar, garlic), Bouillon (Chicken, Beef&Vegetable), Jams.
Zhongshan SLIS Commercial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C15
LED touch controller.

Monobloc system design easy to fix.

Special design of handle, easy to clean and strong.

Double layer slider, adjustable shelves supporter.
Zott Dairy Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Stand No. P8
Zott Monte Chocolate 4x55g,
delicious milk cream dessert for kids, well balanced with tasty chocolate cream and hazelnut, contains a lot of milk protein, two flavours - chocolate and vanilla, 4x55g sets
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