Product Highlights

Agalico Move Co.,ltd.
Stand No. G15
Our company supports consultancy service open to all interested investors for real estate in Myanmar and Thailand including disciplines:-- Development and Investment in Land to Hotels or Existing Building to Hotels- Corporate service - due diligence, organizational.- Supports service procurement.
Agrisource International Ltd.
Stand No. H11
U.S. Potato Products including frozen and dehydrated potatoes (frozen fries, frozen hash brown, frozen wedge, Curly fries, basket weave cuts, crinkle cuts, Straight cuts, mashed potato, etc.)
Arctic Sun Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D31
Arctic Sun is One of the cold chain distributors in Myanmar. All products are imported from oversea countries and all are approved by Myanmar FDA.
Products categories are (1) Dairy items (2) Frozen Proceed Food (3) Marine Products (4) Ice Cream (5) Canned Food (6) Vegetable Products (7) Meat Products (8) Oil & Fat (9) Food Ingredient (10) Condiments

Contact us
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 09250289974/75/76
AT Success Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H14
California Mild Cheddar Cheese
Brand: Cheswick
Flavor: Mild with the rich, delicious flavor of cheese
Color: White/ Orange
Texture: Firm
Description & Uses:
Good as is and in sandwiches. Melts well and is very good in cooked foods or shredded and sprinkled on top.
Backaldrin Jordan Ltd.
Stand No. A12
Sahnissimo® makes sweet dreams come true. Heavenly cakes and desserts can be prepared simply and reliably with this base product for cream.
Basilur Tea Export (Pvt) Ltd
Stand No. B16
An exquisite combination of Ceylon’s best teas – Silver tips, commonly called as White Tea with a carefully selected FBOP Extra Special “tippy” teas makes this a sensational gift for connoisseurs of tea.
Beltec Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G8
Beltec is a Malaysian disposable food plastic packaging manufacturer. Our core products are PP & PET cups, containers, trays, plates and lids. We are available in more than 10 countries and we do offer customized printing solutions for our clients.
Black Ginseng Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D19
Black Ginseng Honeyed - soaked with honey in its original form and you may taste the unique taste and fragrance of Black ginseng, it is a nutritious product appropriate for mountain climbing or traveling because it is easy to carry and take by cutting into many pieces.
Caffa Myanmar Co.,ltd
Stand No. A4
Visa Crem Vetro Is Professional Commercial Coffee Machine From Spain.

Caffa Myanmar Is Official Distributor For Myanmar. For More Information, Please Contact : +959-763 800 885, +959-43063779
Customers' Right Choice (Myanmar) Co., Ltd
Stand No. F1
Commercial Refrigeration, Cooking Ranges, Ovens, Ice Machines, Gas Stoves and other kitchen equipment from Italy, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.
Drecome Myanmar Co. Ltd.
Stand No.
We run website to provide valuable information of restaurant in Yangon. Those information are selected for foreigners or wealthy local people.
E.Food Co.,Ltd
Stand No.
The bacon using the pork belly is produced in clean and safe facility qualified by HACCP. The fat has been removed optically through smoking process. This high quality bacon is a most favorite food to eat in all ages for kid's snack, side-dish for meals and drinks.
Eko-Vit Sp. z.o.o.
Stand No. A16
Highest quality energy drinks, sport drinks, vitamin drinks and fruit drinks. Private label available.
Eksun Gida Tarim San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. E19
  • Wheat Flour (50 kg, 25kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1kg)
  • Wheat Flour for Industrial Bakery
  • Wheat Flour for Confectionery
  • Wheat Flour for Patisserie
  • Wheat Flour for Pasta Production
  • Wheat Flour for Aqua Feed
  • Wheat Flour for Home Usage (1kg, 2kg packing etc.)
Ektas Tarim Urunleri End. Ve Tic. A.S.
Stand No. E5
Ektas Flour Mills Co. is one of the oldest flour milling company in Turkey. For more than 2 centuries, Ektas has been dealing with flour milling. We can produce upon customers’ requirements and specifications any kind of wheat flour. We believe that we can create advantageous business ground for you.
Elvan Gida San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. E1
Today Donut Cake is the new cake style with a different shape from classic cakes. Today Donut offers pleasant moments with its’ circular shaped sponge, cacao sauce and cacao coating.
Espressoman Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B15
Espressoman Supply Co., Ltd. manufacture and distribute Coffee products such as Coffee beans, Green tea powder, Chocolate & Cocoa powder etc. We have a factory with modern machinery certified from Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP). You can ensure the quality is clean and safe.

Fantasy Beauty Co., Ltd
Stand No. G7
Oliva del Mediterraneo is our celebration of the ancient beauty secret of Italy, which has always been one of the most precious fruits of the Mare Nostrum. An hotel amenities capable of delicately cleansing and moisturising, leaving your guests’ skin toned, supple and pleasantly scented.
Fedwell Foods Co., Ltd
Stand No. G23
AlphaNutri Soup is providing the nutrition from the natural vegetable sources for your healthy life.
Food Equipment Solution Asia
Stand No. F31
Nayati, as a professional kitchen equipment manufacturer, delivers premium level of catering solutions that include businesses such as: Gastronomy Restaurant, Hotel, Fast Food Chain, Catering Service, Hospital Kitchen

-with highest grade material SS 304 up to 3mm thickness

-complying international standard such as ISO 9001:2015,CE,DVGW & SVGW
Fortress Land Co Ltd
Stand No. G17
ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is the global leader in hotel security technology. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s comprehensive range of security and technology solutions comprises VingCard electronic locks, Elsafe in-room safes and as well as advanced mobile access and integrated software solutions.
Gold Choice Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Stand No. A2
Gold Choice was established in 1994, and also one of the leading Instant Beverage Products Manufactured in Malaysia today. Through the latest in technology and formulas unique to Gold Choice, we have become a quality food and beverage company with savvy observation of consumer trends and market demands.
Guangzhou Shinelong Kitchen Equipment CO., Ltd
Stand No. F19
Guangzhou Shinelong Kitchen Co.,Ltd offer one stop solution, from A to Z, with many years of experence in the food services industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of quality products and are fast becoming one of the most recognisable brands in the industry.
Hanmi F3 Co.,Ltd.
Stand No.
Hanmi F3 has provided Beverage Base and Korean Food Ingredients designed for professional needs on individual cafe & restaurant and also international chains since 1987.
  • Beverage Base
  • Korean Fried Chicken Ingredient
Hansarang Co.,Ltd
Stand No. #
We are as one of the leading company in the fresh mushrooms and fruits, doing our best to meet customer's expectation in quality and prices by our strict and thorough quality control and delivery on time.
Hansung Food Co Ltd
Stand No.
Korean Hansung Kimchi

The Kimchi No.1 Grand Master Kim Soon Ja. One of the Healthiest Foods in the World
Jinsan Science Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. D13
Red ginseng fragment on the dietary fiber, fructooligosaccharide domestic made adequately soaked up red ginseng, and healthy product.
Jirisan Mushroom Farming Union Co.
Stand No. #
Our king oyster mushroom grows in a clean and natural environment, so it is highly aromatinc and has a good texture. Also, it dose not use pesticides from culture media so it can be trusted to eat them
Joy Farm
Stand No. #
This is a 1.32 kg strawberries for export in the Joy Farm. The pre-emission is also 70 to 80 percent.
K-Apple Co.,Ltd
Stand No.
Delicious and crunchy Korea apple is contain an impressive list of essential nutrients, which are required for normal growth and development and overall nutritional well-being.
K-Berry Inc.
Stand No. #
Sweeter and fresher than anything else in the world.Korean strawberry with good mix of sweet and sour taste are fresh with great fragrances. Korean Strawberries which aim eco-friendly cultivation area safe from pests and hazardous substances.
Stand No. F12
A domestic chicken (a hen) and Ginseng, Garlic, glutinous rice, jujube are put together, It makes you maintain health. No preservative is added, It boiled at room temperature of 120 degrees, so does not contain preservative. And it is characterized by a chewy. In addition, storage at room temperature is easy for up to 1 year to 2 years.
Kale Madencilik San. Ve Tic. A. S.
Stand No. E14
We can provide any specification per customer requests and offer the best professional service with competitive prices.
  • Wheat Flour for Bread
  • Wheat Flour for Noodle
  • Wheat Flour for Biscuit
  • Wheat Flour for Pastry & Cake
  • Wheat Flour for All Purpose
  • Wheat Flour for Aqua Feed
Karahan Degirmencilik Tuncaylar Un Ve Yem Fab Ith Ihr Tic Ve San Ltd.Sti
Stand No. E6
Family Corporation which started manufacturing wheat flour in 1975 as one of the leading wheat flour producers and exporters in Turkey. We export more than 40 countries from all over the world. Our main products are; Super Baker Flour, Baker Plus Flour, Baker Flour, All Purpose Flour and Biscuit Flour.
Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation
Stand No. D1
aT(Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.) is a wholly government-invested enterprise responsible for agricultural marketing services and international trade since its incorporation in 1967.
Kucukbay Yag Ve Deterjan San. A.S.
Stand No. E20
Sunflower oil has a long shelf life. With a relatively low smoke point, it can be used for shallow frying, cooking and salad dressings. A rich source of the natural antioxidant Vitamin E, plus Omega 6 and 9, Orkide Sunflower Oil can help prevent cell aging and help reduce cholesterol.
Kweon Do Yeong Aloe Corp
Stand No. D6
It is called aloe Saponaria because it contains a lot of Saponins, the same component that can be found heavily in ginseng.
Mammos Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No.
  • Banana Rice Cracker
  • Spec: 70g*20ea
  • Ingredients: Rice, Sugar, Corn syrup,
  • Gelatine, Margarine, Banana seasoning.
Mark Two Seven Co., Ltd
Stand No. A7
Water is the single most important ingredient in foodservice. Consider these facts: ice is 100% water, coffee and tea are 98% water, fountain beverages are 83%, and so on.That is why, more and more foodservice establishments worldwide depend on Pentair Everpure® water treatment systems.
Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
Stand No. G25
Chilled & Frozen Australian Beef, Lamb & Goatmeat
Myanmar Japon Plus
Stand No.
Myanmar Japon Co.,Ltd.

(MJ Business Magazine,MJ Plus Magazine,Myan Japo Life Style Magazine,MJ Business Bangkok Magazine)
Natron Industries Pte Ltd
Stand No. D6
Unox provides cooking systems for commercial kitchens: combi ovens, compact ovens, steam ovens, contact grills. Design and intelligence, the elegance of glass and the technology of touch controls, Everything you could possibly imagine in an oven is now in your hands. Created to be perfect. In every detail.
Nokchawon Co., Ltd
Stand No. D15
Enjoy Korean tea and beverage with Nokchawon
  • Citron Tea, Ginger Tea, Ginseng Tea
  • Green Tea (teabag, leaves, powder)
  • Corn silk Tea, Green tea latte, Herb Tea
We acquired USDA-NOP, Organic EU and all production process is managed by HACCP and ISO22000, also FSSC22000
Oh Chin Hing Sesame Oil Factory
Stand No. #
Established in 1920, OH CHIN HING SESAME OIL FACTORY is committed to producing 100% natural aromatic sesame oil of the highest quality and has been providing customers with quality products, indispensable to homes and restaurants, for more than 90 years.
Orbita Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G20
  1. Good Performance Under Hyperthermia and Humid Environment.
  2. Sealed Electronics.
  3. Most Popular Using in Southeast Asia.
  4. 304 Stainless Steel Panels and Handles. Lock Surface Color Enjoys 10 Years Warranty.
Ozel Cikolata Ve Sekerleme Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No. E8
The new hit of the children, it is normal chocolate or fully with banana flavour with banana color, or fully with strawberry flavour with strawberry color. Zoody has been hit in any markets it is launched, now the time is for Myanmar, let's taste it and feel the rich flavour.
Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited
Stand No. G19
Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited was established in 1984. We are one of the biggest suppliers of cleaning products as well we supply ware washing products, swimming pool products, house keeping products and Energy Saving Products in Thailand and CLMV countries.
Stand No. F31
Nayati, as a professional kitchen equipment manufacturer, delivers premium level of catering solutions that include businesses such as:
  • Gastronomy Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Fast Food Chain
  • Catering Service
  • Hospital Kitchen
-with highest grade material SS 304 up to 3mm thickness

-complying international standard such as ISO 9001:2015,CE,DVGW & SVGW
Rasaku Marketing Sdn Bhd
Stand No. A9
  • Coconut Cream & Milk
  • Coconut Cream Powder
  • Toasted Coconut Paste (Kerisik)
  • Low Fat Desiccated Coconut (Lfdc)
  • Coconut Cooking Oil (Rbd)
Rima Global Co., Ltd.
Stand No. #
Grown in a clean and natural environment! Korean PEARS are produced with excellent farming technologies under the gift of nature. Choose Korean PEARS for your family to eat.
Saujana Fruitech Sdn. Bhd.
Stand No. A6
Fruit Juice Concentrate for restaurant and hotel used.
Selten Uluslararası Fuar ve Aks. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No. E1
Turkey will be represented Wheat Flour, pasta, Chocolates, Soft and Hard Candies, Wafers, Jellies, Soft Drink, sunflower, corn oil, pure olive oil, Tomato paste, Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise.
Sempio Foods Company
Stand No.
Sempio soy sauce is filled with over 300 different types of aroma and all the five tastes including salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and savory.

Using soy sauce instead of ordinary salt you obtain the same flavor intensity, making your dish a lot healthier and tastier.
Seokang Dairy & Food
Stand No.
Drinking rice with a drink
  • A meal
  • Children / Senior
  • Application of fat substitution technology
  • Low calorie / low fat
Sheng Aik Trading Pte Ltd
Stand No.
We manufacture a range of uniquely Asian tropical fruit chocolate. Our chocolates are made with Belgium recipe with real freeze dried fruits or fruits flavoured soft creme-fill that harmonizes the best of both Western and Asian Tropical flavours.
Sithar Coffee Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B11
Sithar’s Limited Edition

Mogok is in the north part of Mandalay Division. It is make elevation 4700 feet sea level.

The world only knows that Mogok as Ruby land. What we didn’t notice is that Ruby land also has good quality of Arabica Coffee.
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Stand No. A10
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) is one of the leading ice cream supplier in Thailand who supplies high quality ice cream machine and premium soft serve premix from New Zealand and Australia.
Tekin Ak Gida San. Tis. A. S.
Stand No. E15
Berrak is a well known company in Turkey which has constantly growing since 1993, flour, pasta and semolina producer export to 80 countries under the brand name of Berrak.
U.S. Meat Export Federation
Stand No. H7
Superior quality of U.S. Beef and U.S. Pork that are grain-fed to produce Tender, Juicy and Flavourful meat.
UbiQ Global Solutions Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G11
The QikRes© booking engine helps hotels increase their business by building loyalty with the Guest and also save on commissions paid to OTA’s. QikRes© offers hotels a true B2B and B2C platform for them to manage their rates, inventories, customer profiles and allowing their Guests to book directly with ease
Ulusoy Un Sanayi Ve Ticaret A. S.
Stand No. E10
Wheat Flour Can Be Used For ; Bread, Biscuit, Noodle, Cake, Wafer Making Industrial Use
Uni Trading Co Ltd
Stand No.
Korean sweet persimmons that contain a lot of vitamin A and C, are good for hangovers. They are harvested and shipped from October through December annually
Unilever(Myanmar)Services Ltd
Stand No. C31
UFS carter wide products range under the world’s favourite brands;Knorr,Best Foods and Lipton.Among Knorr’s products,Knorr Lime Flavoured Powder is made from real fresh limes,giving the taste and aroma you need fresher and faster!Knorr Concentrated Tamarind consistently provides tamarind taste all year round and is prepared under stict GMP hygiene standard.
Vytra Industries Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G13
Vytra Industries, a leading plastic packaging thermoformer in Malaysia, with over 30 years of experience, manufactures using ultra-modern technology from environmentally-friendly and quality-assured PP material under stringent guidance of our professionals. Our clear plastic cups are suitable for both hot and cold drinks.
Woongjin Foods Co., Ltd
Stand No. H1
  1. Rice beverage made from Korean native white and brown rice
  2. Korean yam that soothes the stomach is added for more savory and creamy taste
  3. Good to serve with cereal and raw fruit
Yeonwoo Inc.
Stand No. D18
King Oyster Mushroom, Winter Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom.
Yonca Gida Sanayi A. S.
Stand No. E11
Yonca Sunflower Oils

Keeping health and taste together, Yonca Sunflower Oil is derived from top-quality seeds and packaged with high-technology machinery without human touch. Containing high-vitamin E rate, YONCA Sunflower Oil is an ideal choice for all types of food with its lightness and taste.
Yonsei University Dairy
Stand No.
Banana, Strawberry, Melon flavoured Milk.

One sip, you will fall in love with our various flavoured milk.

-Shelf life : 8months
Zott Dairy Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Stand No. H3
Zott Monte Chocolate 4x55g, delicious milk cream dessert for kids, well balanced with tasty chocolate cream and hazelnut, contains a lot of milk protein, two flavours - chocolate and vanilla, 4x55g sets