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Agalico Move Co.,ltd.
Stand No. G15
Our company supports consultancy service open to all interested investors for real estate in Myanmar and Thailand including disciplines:-- Development and Investment in Land to Hotels or Existing Building to Hotels- Corporate service - due diligence, organizational.- Supports service procurement.
Agrisource International Ltd.
Stand No. H11
U.S. Potato Products including frozen and dehydrated potatoes (frozen fries, frozen hash brown, frozen wedge, Curly fries, basket weave cuts, crinkle cuts, Straight cuts, mashed potato, etc.)
Arctic Sun Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D31
Arctic Sun is One of the cold chain distributors in Myanmar. All products are imported from oversea countries and all are approved by Myanmar FDA.
Products categories are (1) Dairy items (2) Frozen Proceed Food (3) Marine Products (4) Ice Cream (5) Canned Food (6) Vegetable Products (7) Meat Products (8) Oil & Fat (9) Food Ingredient (10) Condiments

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: 09250289974/75/76
AT Success Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H14
California Mild Cheddar Cheese
Brand: Cheswick
Flavor: Mild with the rich, delicious flavor of cheese
Color: White/ Orange
Texture: Firm
Description & Uses:
Good as is and in sandwiches. Melts well and is very good in cooked foods or shredded and sprinkled on top.