Product Highlights

Backaldrin Jordan Ltd.
Stand No. A12
Sahnissimo® makes sweet dreams come true. Heavenly cakes and desserts can be prepared simply and reliably with this base product for cream.
Basilur Tea Export (Pvt) Ltd
Stand No. B16
An exquisite combination of Ceylon’s best teas – Silver tips, commonly called as White Tea with a carefully selected FBOP Extra Special “tippy” teas makes this a sensational gift for connoisseurs of tea.
Beltec Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G8
Beltec is a Malaysian disposable food plastic packaging manufacturer. Our core products are PP & PET cups, containers, trays, plates and lids. We are available in more than 10 countries and we do offer customized printing solutions for our clients.
Black Ginseng Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D19
Black Ginseng Honeyed - soaked with honey in its original form and you may taste the unique taste and fragrance of Black ginseng, it is a nutritious product appropriate for mountain climbing or traveling because it is easy to carry and take by cutting into many pieces.