Product Highlights

Saujana Fruitech Sdn. Bhd.
Stand No. A6
Fruit Juice Concentrate for restaurant and hotel used.
Selten Uluslararası Fuar ve Aks. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Stand No. E1
Turkey will be represented Wheat Flour, pasta, Chocolates, Soft and Hard Candies, Wafers, Jellies, Soft Drink, sunflower, corn oil, pure olive oil, Tomato paste, Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise.
Sempio Foods Company
Stand No.
Sempio soy sauce is filled with over 300 different types of aroma and all the five tastes including salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and savory.

Using soy sauce instead of ordinary salt you obtain the same flavor intensity, making your dish a lot healthier and tastier.
Seokang Dairy & Food
Stand No.
Drinking rice with a drink
  • A meal
  • Children / Senior
  • Application of fat substitution technology
  • Low calorie / low fat
Sheng Aik Trading Pte Ltd
Stand No.
We manufacture a range of uniquely Asian tropical fruit chocolate. Our chocolates are made with Belgium recipe with real freeze dried fruits or fruits flavoured soft creme-fill that harmonizes the best of both Western and Asian Tropical flavours.
Sithar Coffee Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B11
Sithar’s Limited Edition

Mogok is in the north part of Mandalay Division. It is make elevation 4700 feet sea level.

The world only knows that Mogok as Ruby land. What we didn’t notice is that Ruby land also has good quality of Arabica Coffee.
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Stand No. A10
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) is one of the leading ice cream supplier in Thailand who supplies high quality ice cream machine and premium soft serve premix from New Zealand and Australia.