2019 Product Highlights

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AgriSource International Ltd
Stand No. E12

U.S. Frozen Potatoes: Best Quality, Variety, Versatility, Always Delicious!

Airverclean Pte Ltd
Stand No. D6

The RydAiR Electrostatic Air Cleaner is installed along the kitchen exhaust duct to remove cooking contaminants such as grease cooking fumes and oil mist before exhaust to the external environment, keeping the exhaust air clean.

Arctic Sun Co., Ltd
Stand No. F1

Arctic Sun is a distribution company based in Yangon Myanmar. We are importing Frozen and Chilled foods from oversea countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, French, Denmark and USA) and distributing in Myanmar market. Distribution Channel HORECA, SUPERMARKET, HYPERMARKET, CONVENIENCE STORE, TT AND GT

Aroma Gourmet Concepts Ltd.
Stand No. H1

Aroma Gourmet Concepts Ltd is a well established F&B distribution company since 1998, mainly focus on Coffee. Aroma's core business has been the supplier and authorized distributor of world-class brands such as Italy Lavazza coffee, Wega espresso machines and other European products to Ho Re Ca, such as Novotel Group, Pan Pacific Hotel, Sedona and other cafe for many years.

At Successful Marketing Co.,Ltd
Stand No. E11

Rockview® Milk is a delicious, wholesome and high quality milk imported from California. Our homogenized whole milk and 2% reduced fat milk are ultra-pasteurized to keep milk fresher and sustain a 95-day shelf life. Our tasty milk comes from happy, well-fed, and non-rBST treated cows

Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd
Stand No. D4

Ripe Junior Kids Range Juices

Bara Stainless Work Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C2

Bara Stainless Work is leading manufacturer of cutlery&hollowware for major clients in the world. Guarantee of high standard along with user friendly unique designs which can be custom made to serve all needs had given BRSW an opportunity to be the first choice for five star hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc.

Stand No. G13


Element Coffee & Machines Supplies
Stand No. H11

Exclusive Distributor of FAEMA coffee machines and grinders, BUNN coffee brewers, Vitamix & BlendPro professional blenders, Element Coffee Academy Training Center, SCA authorized certifications and exam center, Award-winning fresh roasted specialty grade Element Coffee, Barista tools and accessories, Spare parts & service center, One-stop coffee solution center for HORECA/franchises/cafes/hotels/restaurants/bakery

Fagor Industrial Singapore Rep.Off
Stand No. Q1

new range of professional laundry products specifically designed for LAUNDROMATS installations (hairdressers, gyms, camping sites ...) that demand identical performance and robustness of industrial laundry machines, but with greater versatility, a more compact size and a more affordable price.

GangHwa Red Ginseng Co.,Ltd
Stand No. G11

This is a 100% six-year old red ginseng product by decocting the red ginseng cultivated under the ground for 6 years. Manufacturing as the strong extract type by extracting active ingredient saponin of the red ginseng is a noticeable feature.

Geumsanmall Co.,Ltd
Stand No. G14

Achimmadang Red Ginseng spend time and full effoert into the products we make. To get the best result in life, we need to know the important of waiting.

Global Silk Road Distribution Co.,Ltd
Stand No. D11

Cheswick Mild Cheddar Cheese provides a dense but smooth texture and a mild flavor that gets sharper with age. It melts well, offering versatility in cooking applications, such as sandwiches, sauces, entr??es and more.

Han & Global Co.,Ltd
Stand No. G8

Lovint is our own brand for food stuff. Choco stick is one of our products of Lovint brand. Very good looking design and good taste. We have 5 flavors and 3 SKU at this time.

Hankook Tea Co.
Stand No. G9

Mixed high quality Powdered Greentea and cane sugar only,it can make delicious Greentea Latte at home and outside.

K.H.H Double Lion Fruit Juice Manufacturing SDN BHD
Stand No. C8

Double Lion brings out the savour in some of Malaysia's most iconic flavours. In pursuit of creating unforgettable ambrosial in beverages, confectionery and other endless ways, Double Lion has become Malaysia's classic flavoured concentrate brand since 1972.

Kewpie (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd
Stand No. N12

KEWPIE products are made from selected high quality ingredients with hygienic process under the supervision by Kewpie Corporation Japan. Providing in small pack size for household use and bigger size for food service: bakery, hotel & restaurant Product Range : Mayonnaise, Spread, Salad Cream and Dressing

King Juice Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Stand No. D5
Calamansi, Water chestnut and Lemontea. The three most popular drink in Singapore. It can however be sold anywhere due to its unique test. Try us to know more!
Korea Agro Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation
Stand No. G1-G14


Korea Natural Food Co.,Ltd
Stand No. G16

Citron tea is a traditional Korean tea. It has a unique taste and flavor.

Lotte Liquor
Stand No. G3

Chum Churum Soju, No.1 Soju brand in South Korea, made by LOTTE LIQUOR

Stand No. G7

MUNCHKIM (for Overseas) Korean has been enjoyed traditional dried seaweed for the attractive unique flavor of itself as well as crispy, tasty and healthy. Our seaweed snack is the number one item ‘must-buy-visiting-Korea’. It becomes more popular both Snack and Finger Food.

MJ Health Foods Co.,LTD
Stand No. G10

1. Extract product, packed in stick, of Muju specialty Gastrodia elata and KoreanRedGinseng

Namyang Dairy Co., Ltd
Stand No. G5

French Café 3in1 Mix - Korea’s #1 healthy choice - Premium 3 in 1 coffee blend. - For those who want the convenience of instant coffee without sodium caseinate, we have pioneered a unique blend using fat-free milk creamer.

Stand No. P8

U.S. Frozen Potatoes: Best Quality, Variety, Versatility, Always Delicious!

Oxford Business Group
Stand No. P2

Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global publishing, research and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

Pacific Packaging (F.E.) Pte Ltd
Stand No. TBC


Peerapat Technology PCL
Stand No. C4

Peerapat Technology PCL is one of the biggest suppliers of cleaning products and services “ From the Kitchen to the Pool and everything in between” with many specialized product lines some of which are manufactured by Peerapat while others are imported from oversea such as Europe and North America.

Premium Distribution Co.,Ltd
Stand No. F1

Started in 2003 with an aim to serve the local community by bringing international-quality products to their doorstep. Premium strives to be the trusted partner to both our suppliers and customers in the supply and distribution of quality products in Myanmar.

PT.Manohara Asri
Stand No. Q3

Iyes Cashew 23gr Flavor: Corn, Salted Caramel, Wasabi

Rasaku Marketing SDN BHD
Stand No. C12

*Coconut Milk / Cream *Coconut Water / Juice *Coconut Cream Powder *Dessicated Coconut *Virgin Coconut Oil *Coconut Cooking Oil *Coconut Chips *Pre-mix Herbs and spices *Range of Soy Sauces Please log on to our website for more information : www.linaco.com.my

Stand No. G6

A yogurt drink with Aloe Vera juice and gel!

Seow Khim Polythelene Co Pte Ltd
Stand No. D1

Compartment Tray with lid - 100% Virgin PP Food Grade - BPA(Bisphenol A)-Free CFC-Free - Microwave Safe - Heating up to 100˚- 130˚ - Comply with US FDA and European standard - Translucent appearance allows easy identification of contents. - Effective stacking

Sin Sing Cafe Sdn Bhd
Stand No. C11B

MEET U MALAYSIA ORIGINAL WHITE COFFEE, using the top grade A Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, formulated with finest non daily creamer, to produce a less sweet but aroma rich special type white coffee. Heart felt smooth taste, pure and mild that fulfil currents and modern requirements.

Sithar Coffee Co.,Ltd
Stand No. J1

Traditional coffee machine for brewing coffee in the sand(“hovoli”) for professional use. The “hovoli” machine adjusts a traditional technique to the needs of the modern professional and provides.

Stand No. G4

Goheung County is a famous place for producing citron in Korea. As it is adding honey, it has a natural sweet and fragrant taste. We can enjoy as citron tea, jam of bread and cocktail frequently as a raw material.

U.S.Meat Export Federation
Stand No. E1

Superior quality of U.S. Beef and U.S. Pork that are corn fed to produce Tender, Juicy and Flavourful meat. Specific production and handling practices at harvest produce consistent quality results, with rapid guaranteed supply due to high volume production and effective distribution methods.

USA Poultry & Egg Export Council
Stand No. E7

The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) links food importers and US poultry and egg exporters. USAPEEC acts as a liaison on trade issues between industry and government. USAPEEC keeps U.S. poultry producers/exporters abreast of changes in market trends to serve the needs of foreign buyers.

Wooil Industrial
Stand No. P6

Woomool is beverage expert in Myanmar. We are beverage supplier for caf??, bar, and restaurants. We import directly from each producers. We have caf?? related goods such as syrups, smoothies, and powders from POMONA brand and Marie Brizzard, also machines from Italy, Korea, and HongKong. European wines too.

Stand No. G12

These sauces are possible to make 100 korean foods. we have 100 recipes in our homepage. the merits of our product are quickly,easily. all of recipes are made of just 2 sentences. whoever want to eat korean food can easily make food.

Young Poong Co., Ltd
Stand No. G15

YOPOKKI is the most popular Rice Cake. It consists of 5types of flavors. It can be stored at room temp for 1year. you only need only 2 minutes to cook in a microwave or pan.